WIPO Launches New Free Database of IP Legal Decisions


The WIPO announcement includes the phrase “from around the world,” which at least as of the date of this writing, is more than a tad optimistic.  Currently, 10 countries are represented and 2 of these are Jamaica and Costa Rica.  While nice places to visit, I don’t imagine their courts to be churning out scintillating IP decisions, but I could be wrong.

I went looking for the DABUS decision out of the England and Wales High Court today, and it is not available.  Nor is the European Court of Justice’s recent Schrems II decision – although it maybe that WIPO does not consider privacy law within the realm of IP.  Thus, I learned that neither Europe nor the UK are among the 10 countries.  Australia, China and South Korea are.

Once this becomes fully populated, it will be a very useful tool.