Federal Circuit kicks another one back for lack of supporting analysis

This one to PTAB, for not explaining the analysis supporting their conclusion that a reference was nonanalogous art. Donner v ProStage Procedural Background ProStage Gear (“ProStage”) owns US Patent No. 6,459,023 (“the ‘023 patent”), directed to improved pedal effects boards.  In particular, the claimed boards are said to allow easy positioning and movement of individual […]

Non-Analogous Art Argument WINS!!!

Not once, not twice, but FIVE times at PTAB, Tech Center 1700, in November and December. Full disclosure – four of the decisions were issued in related applications. In Ex parte Hansen et al.,  US Patent Application Serial No. 12/345215, Appeal 2019-001796, decided November 14, 2019 Ex parte Hansen and Ex parte Hansen et al., […]