Owner of AI system DABUS sues the USPTO for denying applications listing DABUS as an inventor

Thaler v Iancu, filed 8/6/2020 In his complaint, Stephen Thaler states that the rejection of two patent applications naming DABUS as inventor and Thaler as Applicant “create a novel substantive requirement for patentability that is contrary to existing law and at odds with the policy underlying the patent system.”

USPTO Issues Guidance on Treatment of Applicant Admitted Prior Art in IPRs

USPTO_aapa_guidance_memo Director Iancu issued a memo setting forth the USPTO’s interpretation of 35 USC 311(b) as it pertains to statements by the Applicant regarding prior art.  In particular, Director Iancu states that “the basis” of every IPR must be “prior art consisting of patents or printed publications.”  Since admissions by Applicant regarding what is in […]

USPTO to raise certain fees 20% or more

With most increases set to take effect October 2, 2020.  FR 46932 USPTO Fee Increase, Table of Patent Fee Adjustments-FY2020 Final Rule The fee for a one month extension of time is increasing by 10% to $220, the fee for an IDS after receipt of a first office action is increasing 8% to $260, and […]