WIPO Launches New Free Database of IP Legal Decisions

https://wipolex.wipo.int/en/main/judgments The WIPO announcement includes the phrase “from around the world,” which at least as of the date of this writing, is more than a tad optimistic.  Currently, 10 countries are represented and 2 of these are Jamaica and Costa Rica.  While nice places to visit, I don’t imagine their courts to be churning out […]

USPTO to raise certain fees 20% or more

With most increases set to take effect October 2, 2020.  FR 46932 USPTO Fee Increase, Table of Patent Fee Adjustments-FY2020 Final Rule The fee for a one month extension of time is increasing by 10% to $220, the fee for an IDS after receipt of a first office action is increasing 8% to $260, and […]

Corporate entity’s obligations “to care only about itself and define good as what makes it more money” represent a “textbook case of antisocial personality disorder”

This article in the ABA Journal makes the point that CEO’s are currently legally obligated to act like sociopaths – and perhaps if we want better, we need to obligate them otherwise.  I can’t say I disagree…. http://www.abajournal.com/news/article/ethics-fix-can-stop-ceos-from-acting-like-sociopaths-former-biglaw-lawyer-says?utm_source=salesforce_94154&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=weekly_email&utm_medium=email&utm_source=salesforce_94154&sc_sid=03255440&utm_campaign=&promo=&utm_content=&additional4=&additional5=&sfmc_j=94154&sfmc_s=50769396&sfmc_l=1527&sfmc_jb=92&sfmc_mid=100027443&sfmc_u=3800744

USPTO Launches a Bulk Data Search Tool

Finally, PTAB decisions are searchable in a meaningful way. Previously, a searcher had to know the docket number or Petitioners name to find a decision. The new tool allows searching for text and/or a variety of fields including decision or issue type, and further allows limiting search results to a tech center.   https://developer.uspto.gov/ptab-web/#/search/decisions

“Microboutiques Aim to Attract Patent Work with Experience”

This article, by Ryan Davis on Law360, hits the nail on the head. As with microboutiques, when you hire a solo, you know who is doing your work. And, it is typically someone with at least partner level experience but that is yet able bill at a much lower rate due to the lesser overhead […]